What Can You Do For Me?

As a law office that handles Texas Lemon Law claims on a regular basis, we are able to provide you with the optimal results in your unfortunate lemon law situation.

As a consumer, it is important to screen the attorney you intend to have represent you. Medical patients ask for a second opinion all the time. Therefore, it's a good idea to get a second opinion or a different point of view before signing on with a lemon law attorney.

Ask yourself:

- Were you able to speak to a real attorney when you called, or did a paralegal or office clerk screen you?

- Does it seem like the law office is trying to sign you on and get you to settle within a certain number, or were they able to be upfront, forthright, and provide you with realistic options and expectations?

- Were you treated like a number? Or, were you treated with patience and personably?

What are my remedies or options?

Each case and situation is different. Therefore, it is important to contact us for a free case review as soon as you suspect that you have a lemon car.

In most situations, you may be eligible for one of the following options under the Texas Lemon Law or applicable consumer laws:

1) Vehicle repurchase - this is similar to a refund at a store. For example, if you purchased a defective DVD player at Target and return it within a specific number of days, then Target will issue you a refund for the price you paid on the DVD player. A vehicle repurchase under Texas Lemon Law and applicable consumer protection laws are similar. You get your money back when you surrender the vehicle, minus a mileage deduction for impaired and unimpaired usage.

2) Vehicle replacement - this is also similar to an exchange at a store. Instead of getting a refund at Target for the DVD player above, you get an exchange for the newest DVD player that is the same make and model. If the same model is not available, then you find a similar model and pay the difference if the new model is more expensive. Of course, you may get a credit if the subsequent model you select is less expensive. If you financed your vehicle, then your automobile creditor or lienholder must approve the exchange. This is often times called a substitution of collateral.

3) Monetary (cash) settlement - if a vehicle repurchase or replacement is not a viable option, then we may be able to negotiate a cash settlement on your behalf. It is similar to getting a discount or markdown at a store. A monetary cash settlement means that you accept a monetary amount in exchange for your promise to not pursue your claim with the car manufacturer and to retain responsibility with the car. Most often, the existing factory built in warranty remains effective even after you accept the monetary cash settlement.

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