Attorney Fees

Free Case Consultation on Lemon Law Related Claims:

Our office provides a free case consultation. Here is how it works. First, call our office at toll free 1-888-333-3813 and speak to our office representative or attorney. Second, if our representative or attorney asks you to fax your documents, then please include all car repair invoices, your notes, and all the documents that you signed when you purchased the vehicle. Third, within 24 to 48 hours, an attorney will either call, email, or send a letter to you discussing your options, if any.

No Attorney Fees on Lemon Law Related Claims:

No attorney fees mean just that. Our office will represent you under laws that require the manufacturer to pay for our attorney fees. Our office will not require you to pay an upfront retainer of any kind. The only exception to the no attorney fee rule occurs in the event that you elect to terminate your case before a settlement or finalization of trial has been reached and you pursue the remainder of your case with another firm or law office, or (2) you enter into any settlement of claims that requires waiver or compromise of the law office's attorney fees.

Attorney Fees Versus Out-of-Pocket Court Related Costs:

Please note that attorney fees and court costs are not the same. You WILL BE responsible for paying out-of-pocket court related expenses, if there is a recovery. Examples of out-of-pocket court related expenses include, but are not limited to: costs of court filing fees, service of process fees, deposition transcripts, certified mail charges, or expert fees (including automobile inspectors/experts). In other words, attorney fees are hourly fees for the work that our office has done on a particular case, while out-of-pocket court related fees are paid to third parties such as fees to your local county court.

We will advance payment for these out-of-pocket court related expenses during the pendency of your claim, but we will seek reimbursement of our litigation costs from you if there is a recovery. The exception to our advancement of these costs is expert fees. If an expert is required for your case, then you will be responsible for paying such fees to the expert directly. Please note that in the event that our office does not take on your case, by submitting your information, you consent for the Law Office to evaluate your information and refer it to another lawyer or firm, if necessary.