101 Texas Lemon Law Questions

Over the years, I have received questions regarding the Texas Lemon Law from potential clients. This page will list 101 questions and answers. Please be advised that this is not to be considered legal advice, as each case is different. Please contact a Texas Lemon Law attorney to help you with your specific situation.

Question #1: What is the Notice Requirement of the Texas Lemon Law?

Before a consumer is entitled to any remedies under the Texas Lemon Law, specific notice requirements must be met. A notice requirement simply means that the consumer must inform the vehicle manufacturer their specific complaints in the form of a letter.

Most consumers assume that taking the defective vehicle in multiple and numerous times to get it repaired at the dealership service center is enough to provide notice to the defendant. Afterall, there is a paper trail in a sense that each time the consumer brings the vehicle in for repairs, there is an electronic record in the service center's computer system...right? Unfortunately, under the current Texas lemon law (conveniently lobbied by manufacturers), this assumption is not enough.

Telling the manufacturer in person or by calling the customer hotline is not enough either. It must be in writing. I repeat, it must be in writing. I once sat in a Texas Lemon Law arbitration, where the fact pattern was a slam dunk in favor of the client. After over 2 hours of discussion at the arbitration, the hearing ended. Thirty days later, the final ruling was issued and the consumer lost because there is no written notice.

Hence, once you get three repair invoices, my best recommendation is to contact a lemon law attorney immediately.

Question #2: Should I Purchase Extended Warranty for My New Vehicle? The Finance Person is Really Pushing for me to Purchase It.

Answer: There is no perfect answer to this question. The answer depends on how many miles you plan on putting on your new vehicle, what the extended warranty covers/excludes, and the cost of the warranty being offered. To read more, please click here.

Question #3: When Does the Deadline to File a Lawsuit for the Texas Lemon Law Begin to Run Against Me?

Answer: Go to my Texas Lemon Law Blog by clicking on this link to find out the answer.